As an extension of  the Modern Style Mom  , we are a community of millennial moms with a respectable social presence – having a combined unique account reach of over 500,000K. 


These influential women not only touch many hearts with their photogenic lifestyle, but they also have a personal connection with their readers and fellow-mom-bloggers.


When you join our list, you are joining the entire circle of influence – honest, trust-worthy, influential  moms serving a world-wide number of families. 



From one NC Mom to another: 

Everyone knows – A Mom’s job is never done.  This means, finding the best resources should be a lot easier.


Search top-rated businesses in North Carolina for  you & your family with confidence.


The Mommy Directory is an exclusive, standardized, boutique business directory that will give moms a few hours back in their day while lending business owners like yourself a hand to reach your target audience.



At The Mommy Directory, we believe in excellence. 

Parents work nonstop to ensure the best quality of life for family. 

As we strive to raise well-rounded humans, let’s remind them to explore more and experience everything. 



Modern-Luxury Moms

Millennial Families

Millennial Moms who love to share exceptional experiences on social media. 


According to recent surveys in the United States, more than 53% of millennials already have children

There are over 43.5 million Moms  in the world and more than a million millennials are becoming moms each year. 

Millennial families travel much more than couples or singles.

 Over 1.3 million parents in the U.S. are currently traveling by car with their children to the most popular family destinations in America; North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Florida, and more. 



The Modern Style Mom network is an immeasurable, progressing data base of millennial women who are mothers to more than 16 million children – 82% having children over 5 years old.

Long as Moms exist, The Mommy Directory will be on the very top of every Mom’s List.



Business Listings :

 Unlike other family directories, The Mommy Directory hand-selects the best luxury businesses with “Instagram-worthy” aesthetics.


We reach the modern/minimalist audience who values quality over quantity. 


The Moms in our network will be your loyal customers. These Moms are ‘media moms’ who enjoys capturing moments on their cell phones and recommending new experiences with friends and family:)


Small Business Owners :

Much love and support to  Small Business Owners! 

If respect is measured by the year, we’d agree on a century! 

List with us to reach your targeted  ‘Mom’  audience and connect with other small business owners in Charlotte, NC and popular cities along the east coast. 


Bloggers In Our Network : 

If you are a Blogger who is interested in joining our list, we look forward to learning more about your content! 

As a member of The Mommy Directory, you will be first to receive exclusive giveaways from trending brands.

 Being a part of our team will also enable you to collaborate with our clients:) 

*NOTE: Only Bloggers | Influencers in our network will be allowed to use our name when discussing partnership opportunities. 


Relationship Goals

“Team Work Makes The Dream Work”

They say, “it takes a village to raise a child”. 

The hard part is finding the village that believes in the same dream.

Communication is the ultimate key to success. We are proud to admit we’ve got a movement that can shake the world. Let’s make it happen. The more, the merrier! 


To join The Mommy Directory or for more information about listing your business, email us here : info@modernstylemom.com



Thank you for your interest in this long-term relationship:)


~ THE  Modern Style Mom 🙂





The Mommy Directory


Once APPROVED, businesses will receive a seal for their website.


Being APPROVED by The Mommy Directory means the company’s core values align with ours.

This also means that businesses who list with us have undergone a customized control system – and successfully passed our criteria and standards.

 Only the best businesses will be approved to be listed in our directory.